नशे में धुत्त लड़की ने पुलिस थाने में किया ड्रामा

देहरादून में एक शराबी लड़की ने पुलिस थाने में जमकर हंगामा किया। शराब के नशे में लड़की ने अपनी फॉर्च्युनर गाड़ी से एक गाड़ी को टक्कर मार दी, जिसके बाद पुलिस लड़की और उसके साथियों पकड़कर को थाने लाई थी। लेकिन थाने पहुँचते ही लड़की का हाई वोल्टेज ड्रामा शुरू हो गया। लड़की ने पुलिसवालों पर मारपीट का भी आरोप लगाया।

मेरठ की रहने वाली यह लड़की अपने साथियों के साथ मसूरी से लौट रही थी। लौटते समय देहरादून में लड़की ने शराब के नशे में एक गाडी को टक्कर मार दी। जिसके बाद पुलिसवाले लड़की को पकड़कर पुलिस स्टेशन लाये। पुलिस स्टेशन के अंदर पहुँचते ही लड़की ने अपना ड्रामा शुरू कर दिया।


Mahadev’s Parvati Aka Sonarika Bhadoria Dancing On Lat Lag Gayee

Tinsel town actresses are really very talented. They portray the character of an obedient and submissive bahu’s on screen but after pack up and in parties you get to see the real faces of these actresses. They all love to dance, drink, and party hard after the pack up.

And that’s why Parvati from Mahadev also partied hard and danced like an enchantress in the party. She was enjoying herself, and all the eyes were on her. She proved to be the star of the party when she was dancing in the song Lat Lag Gayee. So here we have the glimpses of the party in which Sonarika Bhadoria showed her bold avatar and also the video of her dance.

Check it out!

Sonarika Bhadoria aka Parvati is not as ‘sanskari’ as she portrays herself on-screen.



She is quite a temptress when she is in her bold avatar.



Back when 300 episodes of ‘Mahadev’ were completed, she danced like a siren in the success party


She managed to attract all the eyes in the party and became the star of the show.



She danced like an enchantress in the song ‘Lat Lag Gayee’

Sarika 5


Earlier also she posted some really hot and sexy pictures in bikini and sarong when she was out for a vacation.

Sarika 6

And made every sane guy insane with her killer looks and curvy body.

Sarika 7


Here Are The Bollywood Actresses Most Shameful Moments!!

Shocking video inside!

Bollywood is always known for it’s unique fashion sense. We can also see our Bollywood actresses flaunting their designer attires.

But, at times these pretty ladies have also faced the embarrassing moments due to their wardrobe malfunctions!

Here is the video for you where these ladies have faced really shameful moments, while flaunting their attires!


[Watch] This Video From Pakistan Is Going Viral And It’s Hilarious

Every language has its own dialect and this dialect is what differentiates people. The way a Mumbaikar speaks Hindi is way different than the one spoken by a Delhiite.

Image source

But, things get messier when the street vernacular takes over this dialect and creates awkward situations.

Urdu is no exception to this theory. Although considered as one of the sweetest and most refined language, there is a hint of vernacularism to Urdu as well.

Sometimes, simple words spoken in an innocent way sound way horrible when the dialect takes over the language.

Image source

Even in Urdu, some simple words sound way horrible when vernacularism takes over the language.

This video by Being Pakistani demonstrates the same with the word “Chay” in a hilarious way.

So, are you Chay certified?


Ajay Devgn Makes An Important Point In This Video That’s A Wake-Up Call For Humanity

Our lives are weaved around chaos and monotony. We’re all running in a busy world, hardly taking a break to look around, and soak ourselves in the beauty that lies in the simple joys of life.

We’ve forgotten how to smile at a stranger, the bliss of the mother’s lap and to generously tip the delivery boy who parcels your whims irrespective of season or time.


We’ve forgotten how to make efforts for someone we love, or to go an extra mile for them to bring a smile on their face.

In this fast-paced, mechanical life, we’ve forgotten how to live, laugh and love.

This video titled ‘Accha hai’ featuring Ajay Devgn throws light at the small acts of love and kindness we can contribute to, but chose not to because we all are stuck in the rat race of power, money, and fame.

The poem in the video has been penned by Vinod Sharma and performed by Ajay Devgn.

Watch it here:


Watch How Anil Kapoor Reacted When An Unknown Challenge Was Thrown At Him

24 turned out to be popular among the Indian masses. Many people were glued to their television sets as the series unfolded because the conviction with which Anil Kapoor played the character of Jai Singh Rathod (a man with an army background who is torn between loyalty to his family and to his country, India) won everyone’s hearts in no time. It was also a whiff of fresh air from all the saas-bahu sagas and for once, people were ready to digress from senseless household dramas and switch from their favorite show to 24.

I am not normal, I am a mad man before the camera,” said Anil Kapoor in one of his interviews. His statement bears testimony to his successful career stint of three decades in the film industry and his maverick ability to experiment with his roles, be it films or TV.

Off screen too, the actor is ready for challenges, even if they are spontaneous and he makes sure that he does full justice to it.

Don’t believe us?

All Access‘s host Garima Kumar barged into Anil Kapoor’s room and threw a challenge that he was certainly not prepared for. 

He paid a surprise visit to few homes and the fans revelled in their once-in-a-lifetime moment when they met him in this unanticipated way, with unbridled joy on their faces. 

Some of them indulged in the casual yet star-struck banters.  

While some of them stuck to the old tradition of clicking selfies and getting autographs.

One of the daredevil aunties also invited him to cook theplas in her kitchen, an experience that she will most certainly cherish for a lifetime.