8 Things Successful People Do Differently Than Others

Success is not overnight. It is in your very being, in your habits, in your everyday routine. It is boring hard work; it is not glamorous – it is sweat, sacrifice and self-control. One often wonders what is it that successful people do differently. Perhaps they sweat it out more; perhaps they put in more hours; perhaps they go that extra mile. While it’s true that they do put in more effort in the things they do, fact is their approach to life is different. As they say, success lies in the details. Here are 8 things successful people do differently than others.

1. They Take Criticism Positively

One thing that makes a man successful is his ability to take criticism. Improvement is the key to being the best, and successful people know that. Of course, there is a difference between constructive criticism and plain bitching. But successful people never miss a chance to hear constructive criticism and have mastered the art of not taking it personally. They respect feedback – good or bad – because that’s how you improve.

2. They Start Their Day On A Positive Note

No matter how shitty they feel about waking up to go to the same old boring job, they make sure to have their wits about them when they leave home. You can never do a good job in a grumpy mood. Of course, everyone is allowed to sulk sometimes but successful people know how to put aside their tensions and start every day on a positive note. Be it doing a little yoga, or listening to their favourite music while on their way to work, they make sure the happenings of the previous day don’t affect their present day.

3. They Take Care Of Their Health

No matter how talented you are, if you are not fit and healthy, you might not go too far.  Success requires hard work that is not only mentally taxing but physically straining too. Tim Cook, the CEO of Apple, starts his day as early as 4.30 a.m. and is a regular at the gym. Barack Obama is known to be a fitness freak and exercises 6 days a week. No matter how busy they are, successful people always take out time for exercise.

4. They Select Their Friendships Carefully

Successful people surround themselves with people who can inspire, encourage or influence them in positive ways. They make intellectual connections and form friendships based on them. This is not to say their friendships are non-emotional; they form close friendships that are nurturing.

5. They Are Not Afraid To Make Mistakes

How do you react when someone says you made a mistake? Defend yourself, justify the mistake, blame it on someone else, lash out at the person for pointing it out and make a mental note that you hate him? It’s all in the attitude – successful people make mistakes and own up to them. They are willing to take risks and are not afraid to say they got it wrong. One thing that always comes with success is failure. Anybody who has achieved success has experienced failure at some point in his life.

6. They Take Time Out To Enjoy

Too much work will burn you out before you know it and successful people know it all too well. Successful people work hard but they take time out to unwind. They respect their ‘me-time’ and know when to say no. Be it skipping overtime in office to go for a dinner with friends or taking a weekend off to go on a holiday every now and then, they make sure their work doesn’t kill their personal life. Because they respect the life outside a 9-to-5 job .

7. They Never Miss An Opportunity To Learn

You never stop learning and successful people treat the world as their teacher. Learning can come from anybody and at any time. There is so much wisdom in the world, a lifetime is not enough to absorb it all. Successful people are open to new things and always welcome opportunities to learn something new.

8. They Do Things Independently

One thing that sets apart winners is their self-dependency. They don’t hang around waiting for someone else to do the job. They learn how to do it and do it themselves. This does not mean they are not team players, but they’d rather do it themselves and do it well than have too many cooks spoil the broth. Be it watching a movie alone or going on a solo trip, they are not afraid to spend time with themselves.

Mere talent doesn’t guarantee success. It is an attitude, a trait that is practised repeatedly over a period of time that translates talent into success. Without the right attitude, even exceptional talent can go waste and end up in the pits. And with the right attitude, success can be tasted even in the absence of talent. Like the say, in order to be successful, you have to first become in personality the person you dream of becoming.