9 Incredible Smartphone Tricks To Impress Your Friends

Smartphones are one of the basic necessities today. They can certainly be placed in the bottom of the Maslow’s hierarchy of needs now. They are our friends, personal assistant, guide and what not?

Here are some innovative tricks for your gadgets. Come on, have a look. Thank me later!


Simply wrap aluminum foil around a pencil and your stylus is ready. Yayy! A pencil cell can also be used as a stylus.

This is how it comes out to be!


2. A night lamp.


Simply place a water bottle over the flashlight of your phone. Voila, it’s ready!

3. Water Droplet Zoom in!


Ever wondered how can a water droplet help zoom in? Well, here’s the hack. Place a drop of water, remember, only a drop on the back camera of your phone. Now click a photo. This is macro photography! You can make a convex lens, all by yourself.

4. A back cover using balloon


Place your smartphone over a balloon. Slowly deflate it.

This is how it turns out. Cool!


5. Is the volume not enough?


Place your phone with the speaker facing down in an empty glass. And, results are just amazing. A loudspeaker!

6. Convert your smartphone into a sound system.


All you need- 2 paper glasses and a cardboard cylinder.

It’s ready!

It's ready!

Mark your smartphone on the cardboard cylinder. Cut into the marking and place your phone with the speaker facing down. Lastly, attach the two glasses on sides as shown. Done. Enjoy and groove to the beats.

7. Charger holder.

7. Charger holder.

 This is by far the best hack. With all of us struggling with small cords, this is superb. Take an empty shampoo bottle and follow the picture. Huh, problem solved!

8. Your hairclip as support for the phone

8. Your hairclip as support for the phone

 Place your phone in a hairclip. Sit back and watch your favourite show on your smartphone turned into a TV.

9. Has your phone got wet?

9. Has your phone got wet?

 The savior for you! Place your phone in a ziplock bag full of rice. The rice will absorb all water. And finally, you will get back your phone.

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