Did You Know? Your Lip Balm Can Be Used In Places Other Than Just Your Lips

Lip balm is my most basic, and the most essential cosmetic I own. I love lip balm so much, that I have, at the very least, at least 2 spare, unopened ones, other than the one which is in use (I make my own lip balm too, at times!). So, naturally, I would wonder, what else can I use it for, other than healing my chapped lips!

Well, here’s the answer! Here are some more (totally different) uses of lip balm, which would want to make you go buy that new tube as soon as possible!
Note: These treatments use unflavored, uncolored lip balms, preferably.

  1. Tames Frizzy Hair

Most of the time, frizzy and flyaway hairs cause a major problem for us. A quick way to deal with this? Rub some lip balm on your fingers, and then rub your fingers over your hair. Voila! Problem solved!


2. Heals Extremely Dry Skin (This includes cracked heels too)

Lip balm can be used to heal extremely dry parts of your skin, especially elbows, in between fingers, and other such areas. All you need to do is rub some lip balm over these areas and massage gently with your fingers. The next morning? You’ll be greeted with soft, happy skin!

3. Use It As A Base To Make Perfume Last Longer

Apply some lip balm on your wrists, neck and other areas where you apply perfume. Let it sink in the skin for some time, and then apply your perfume. This will help your perfume to stay on longer.