Heartwarming Gesture For Pakistani Girls Comes As A Ray Of Hope For Many

Sushma Swaraj could easily qualify as the favorite minister of the masses. With her social tool (read: twitter), she has barged into the realm only to ensure that justice is meted out to one and all. Whether it is providing food to 10,000 starving Saudi Arabian or helping a newly married couple get a passport, she has become the force to reckon with. She is seamless and undemanding and thus, she is the true embodiment of ray of hope that we need in this world.

In the recent surgical attacks that happened across the LoC, there is mounting tension between Pakistan and India. While people have been contemplating on the possibility of impending war, Sushma Swaraj’s heartwarming gesture towards Pakistani girls is winning hearts all over the world.


A team of 19 young Pakistani girls had come to Chandigarh to take part in Global Youth Peace festival on September 27. However, due to the surgical attacks, their return seemed speculative. 

Sushma Swaraj


While the security around them was fortified, the young girls wanted to return home immediately.


Trudging through these troubled times, Aliya Harir, the convener of the peace forum ‘Aghaze Dosti‘ (an India-Pakistan friendship initiative) contacted Sushma Swaraj on October 1.  


Sushma Swaraj’s heartwarming response could have warmed up the coldest of hearts. She stepped in and made sure that the young girls reached home safely.


One of the officials said, “The MEA sought all vital information about the delegation members such as the time they left their place of stay in Sector 36, the vehicle they were ferried in, its registration number and the time they reached the Wagah border and finally their homes.”


Sushma Swaraj’s response etched a permanent place in our hearts, yet again!

This humanly yet profound gesture should be applauded, especially in these times when there is tension brewing up between the countries with each passing day. After all, a little gesture of humanity doesn’t hurt anyone.