We Bet You Did Not Notice These 11 Mistakes In MS Dhoni -The Untold Story

MS Dhoni truly lived up to expectations and the hype it created across the country. Its two days collection is making it progress towards a 200 club movie. But many people have complained that the movie is too slow because of the 3+ hour plot and it is quite predictable and most of it is cricket match and hardly shows any negative shades and conflict as we though tit might. Neve the less it was entertaining especially the love story but after all the best efforts, the movie is not free from glitches, errors and mistakes. While the die-hard fans might not have noticed that due to the brilliant acting of Sushant but others did it and when they came out of the movie theater, they spoke their heart out and you have to wonder how can the director oversee such big blunders.

Dhoni became LAVA phone’s ambassador only in 2016 but the movie shows he become so in 2008. In 2008, LAVA did not even exist! Funny indeed!

MS Dhoni


This is worse than you think, even Dhoni will question this. The movie shows Dhoni is endorsing Garnier products while in real life, he never did that! It is Sushant who did that.


MS Dhoni


The entire movie mostly has winter season! What was Dhoni doing in Summer, hibernating? It is a different issue though that Sushant was only available in winter to complete the movie.


MS Dhoni


This is not a mistake but this is kinda strange! When MSD missed the flight, he could have waited for the next match but instead he joined Railway and waiting 2 years. Hence, proved it is not actually a biography, it was just for entertainment to earn money!


MS Dhoni


How can a person grow 7 inches hair in just 2 months? The time period was shown clearly, the time between his first day in job and representing in Railway cricket team. Holy shit!

MS Dhoni


The worst of them all is the fact that in the same over, Dhoni was wearing helmet and the next ball he was not, did he hit the helmet for six as well!


MS Dhoni


Dhoni has a brother in real life but it was not shown in the movie. Only his sister is shown and the role played by Bhumika Chawla. The reason is Dhoni has a spat with his brother and as he is the producer of the movie, he did not want to show his ugly side.

MS Dhoni


If you watch movies very often, you can help but notice the unexpected and untimely cuts as if you missed something in between, let’s not talk about editing because it just can not be poor, and if you are not a cricket fan, you are sure to doze off at some point in the movie. It is difficult to stay awake for 3.10 hrs dude!


MS Dhoni


The love story between Dhoni and Priyanka is wrong too. She never had the opportunity to see Dhoni playing for India. She met an accident in 2004 but in the movie, it was set at 2006.


MS Dhoni


Even they messed up the meeting of Dhoni and Sakshi. True that they met at Taj Hotel where she was the intern but that was not their first meeting. They used to study in the same school and knew each other as their fathers used to work in the same company. There are so many mistakes, but just like Rajnikanth, Dhoni is God too!


Sushant Singh



Makers Of Dhoni’s Biopic Prefered Self-censorship To Avoid Controversy

There are just three days left for the release of the biopic of India’s limited over skipper, Mahendra Singh Dhoni – MS Dhoni: The Untold Story. Recently, the makers of the movie have decided to reveal the secret behind one of the important scenes in the film.

Considering the trailer of the biopic, there was a scene where Sushant Singh Rajput, who’s portraying MS Dhoni is being criticized and pulled up by the selectors for abruptly dropping his three senior players. Since the release of the trailer there has been a regular buzz around this scene on almost all the digital platforms.

In the scene, a selector says “Yeh teenon ko nikaalke rukne wala nahin hai,” of Dhoni, to which he replies over a video call saying, “We’re all servants, and we’re all doing national duty.” Director Neeraj Pandey confirmed about the scene that, “The sequence from the promo is very much there in the movie. All we have done is knock off names of the three cricketers who were mentioned. This is as per the original plan, discussed with Dhoni a year and a half ago, where we had decided to shoot the scene with the names, yes, but take a call on this only in the final edit.” Pandey further added, “unnecessarily ruffling feathers, when that is not the intention or tone of the movie.”

When asked about the actual names which were added previously, he replied, “Are you seriously asking me that question? Obviously, I can’t. That would be highly disrespectful of me to do. Well, he just sat in silence for 10 minutes, didn’t speak a word. It was quite an awkward feeling for him, watching his own self, being played by an actor, on the big screen.”

The actual incident happened during the 2008 Commonwealth Bank Series, which was held in Australia and the three senior players namely Sourav Ganguly, Rahul Dravid and VVS Laxman were dropped from the ODI Indian team. Back then, Ganguly’s omission became a big issue. The BCCI secretary Niranjan Shah justified the decision that, “The emphasis was on fielding abilities and the team management wanted a young fielding side for the series.”

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