This Simple Hack Will Change Your Look And Make You Look Just WOW!

You love your lipstick, but it seems to have a mood of its own. There are times when that lipstick will apply perfectly, but then there are times it simply won’t, and you’ll have to go out sans lipstick. And I bet we all know how bothersome that is, don’t we?



Okay. So we have a solution. There’s a handy tip, that I bet none of you knew about, that can guarantee you the perfect pout every single time! Whether it be normal lipstick or the liquid kinds, you’ll be guaranteed to have the perfect pout and the perfect pouty lips.

First of all, prep your lips. Exfoliate and moisturise, using a lip balm. Let it absorb well, before you begin the lipstick application process.

Now, start contouring. Draw a cross on your upper lip, right in the centre. Line your lower lip with the same precision, and fill in the lines where the lips are the fullest.


Fill in the borders. Draw some more lines on your lips, like in the image below, to provide a base for your lipstick to cling on to.


Now, using a stiff brush, blend it towards the centre of the lips. Then finally use your lipstick, and use a brush to spread it evenly, without letting it bleed onto your skin.


There you have it! The perfect pout, every single time!