Easy Ways To Clean Your House For Diwali Festival

Cleaning house for Diwali – India with its endless traditions and customs is loaded with energy when it comes to celebrating festivals the way they want.

During September and October, it is the ideal opportunity for lights and hues, decorations and crackers, for it is Diwali time. Diwali, the celebration of lights is an opportunity to praise goodwill and success.

There are numerous stories surrounding this charming Indian celebration and it is intriguing to perceive how individuals get occupied with plans for this occasion. This is a period when people clean their homes furthermore give away stuff that is not required.

But sometimes, the path they follow is totally wrong. Yes, the way you clean up your house during Diwali is not really right because you are probably not following the right way. Don’t worry, we have figured it out for you we will give you some tips on Cleaning house for Diwali –

Tips for cleaning house for Diwali —

Start with the hall and the bedrooms

The Attic

Typically every house has a space or upper room on top or underneath the bed. Diwali is the time when one needs to recheck these areas. This is just like that extra cache in a PC which if not erased would harm your system. So start with cleaning the old garments, broken purses, projects by your children and all such things that nobody has used in past few years. Dump what you don’t need and keep what you require in an appropriate way.

Know the six-month rule

This rule simply tells you that you have to keep the things that you have used in previous six months. What you have not touched in the last quarter just leaves the house. You could utilize them for gift or you can even resell them on internet but just get away from it. Keep the winter garments, the formal outfits, old sarees, shoes and so on in an appropriate place.

Stow or store

This cleaning tip on Diwali has never failed the ones who have followed it rightly. Take what you require and what you don’t. Discard those shirts which you felt you would wear yet never did, the scarves which you felt you would require on an occasion yet never wore, and stow the unused things behind. Make an uncommon drawer for those endless extras.

Second Week – The Kitchen

Presently on to the second week and enter the center point of Indian food – the kitchen! One of the best tips on cleaning the house for Diwali is to figure out how to toss things out of the kitchen. Your culinary joys make the kitchen extremely oily and slick so break the kitchen cleaning in an effortless manner that cleans it up well and doesn’t take much of your time.


Your kitchen apparatuses require a ton of support and consideration, so this Diwali check your machines and supplant the old ones with new. On the off chance that you have to repair them, do it. And if they are not valuable, give it away. Clean the smokestacks and the channels, and clean the fan of every appliance you own. Clean them with care. If possible, create a particular corner for all these appliances in kitchen.


Utilize cleanser and a sterile cream for swabbing the floor. Brush them with a decent brush with cleanser and water and scour them conscientiously spotless.

Some one of a kind tips for cleaning the house for Diwali:

  • Use white wine vinegar while cleaning stuff.

  • Use hand gloves before you begin cleaning.

  • Use a large portion of a lemon dunked in vinegar to clean the cooler.

  • Use daily papers to clean the glass surfaces and mirrors.

  • Change all the sheets, curtains and carpets in the house.


Since you have these tips for cleaning house for Diwali, a large portion of your work is done as such appreciate the best after effects of your diligent work through the four days of Diwali! Have a great festival ahead!