Pakistani Chaiwala Becomes The New Internet Sensation.

You’ve got to see the power of social media here. And that’s mind-boggling! It has the potential to change the lives of people. And a living example is right here, Arshad Khan. How a Pakistani #Chaiwala gets a huge break. This is sensational. Thanks to the photographer Jiah Ali, to capture this gem from the Sunday Market in Islamabad. Little must have Jiah known that this photo will become an internet fandom.Great work girl!

For your information, this Arshad Khan is not the Pakistani cricketer, but a Chaiwala. This blue-eyed sensation is going to take your away! Beware models, this Chaiwala is going to give you a run for your money.

Pakistan’s “surgical strike” against India!


His first photo was posted on October 15, since then rest is history. This is called overnight success! Until a few days ago, Arshad was just another common face in the crowded Itwar Bazaar in Islamabad, where he manned a tea stall.

His blue eyes… his stubble and thick locks… have got the girls swooning!

His blue eyes... his stubble and thick locks... have got the girls swooning!

This 18-year-old young chap is from Mardan, in Pakistan’s Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province. It has been only three months that he has been working at the tea stall. Earlier he was a fruit seller. He must not have ever dreamt that he would get viral someday and spread like wildfire on the internet. But, Arshad can be referred as the “temporary relief” from the Indo-Pak border tensions.

Start of his odyssey

Start of his odyssey

This is the photo of the famous chaiwala, with Jiah Khan. the girl behind making his ecstasy to become famous one day, true! In an interview he said that hundreds of girls are coming to him for photos. A dream for a lot of boys today. *Envy*

It’s time to move over Fawad Khan.

It's time to move over Fawad Khan.

His outstanding good looks and dashing personality with his blue-eyes looking right into the camera has set the viral world on fire. Arshad’s stunning high fashioned supermodel look while pouring tea has forced netizens across the world to write about him. Can’t stop staring at him!*Wink*

This is how Arshad serves…

Soon to be a reigning star.

Soon to be a reigning star.

His debonair looks have bagged him a  modelling contract from, the first online store based in Islamabad. Recently, he was spotted in a two-piece suit, clean-shave and gelled hair, far from his usual rugged face, blue kurta and unkempt hair! A sight for the oglers.*Gaze*

Still a novice, but a long way to go Arshad!

Still a novice, but a long way to go Arshad!

Internet’s new obsession, Arshad has the ability to take over the fame industry.



Arshad is one of the 18 Pashtun siblings and more than eager to model and act in films. A new Akshay Kumar in the rising, from scratch.  Many indian girls will start drinking tea now, thanks to this #chaiwalla’s smoldering Persian looks!

Catch Jiah Ali, the photographer here.

“I took his picture during a photowalk I attended a few months back, but shared the post recently on Instagram and someone shared it on other social media platforms after which it went viral” said Jiah. Thanks to the keen eyes of Jiah and her photography for this awesome click. Jiah was on a photowalk to Islamabad.

Catch him making tea here!

Now the famous song will have lyrics as, “ek garam chai ki pyali ho, koi usko pilane waala ho!”

We wish Arshad all the very best and hope he is able to handle the sudden fame. Comment, like and share.