One Tweet For This Woman To Change Our View Towards Signal Beggars

Towards Signal Beggars

In India, stopping at a traffic signal means meeting beggars – An old lady in tattered clothes begging for money so that her husband’s medical condition gets better; little children begging for food and making it evident by pointing towards their stomach; or an old limping man who just needs money to make ends meet.

Whenever we encounter this, we either shun them by rolling over our tinted car windows or reluctantly reaching for our wallet to part away with some loose coins.

A woman posted a photo on Twitter and made us think otherwise. Her deed will inspire you to help beggars, every time they tap at your car windows or pull your sleeves. 

Here’s what she tweeted:

Parle G doesn’t burn a hole in your pocket and it’s the best way to ensure the beggars don’t go empty handed.


Her tweet got an overwhelming response: some of them hailed her move and most of them pledged to help the beggars in the same way.







Well, haven’t all of us learned a lesson in humanity today?

If the beggar throws the biscuits and asks for money instead, don’t blame us! ?


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