You Must Read These Facts About Some Of India’s Finest Athletes

The 2016 Rio Olympics gave a much-deserved recognition to a lot of athletes from our country. Events like these serve as a reminder to us that sports, other than cricket, too exist.

Over the years, India has witnessed some stellar performers in the world of athletics. But, the sad part is that these athletes do not get the recognition till they win a medal for their country. We all are hopeful that with increasing viewership, this attitude will gradually change.

Here, we present some interesting facts about our athletes which you might not know.

The boxer from Manipur


The towering tennis stalwart


The star of Rio Olympics


Way to go Girl.

Hitting the bulls-eye, since 1998


One of the most consistent performers


The Grandmaster himself


The Wimbledon champion in doubles


A champion right from the beginning


These wonderful athletes have given us enough reasons to celebrate and we hope you’ll be able to recall these facts the next time you discuss them.

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