This Girl 100 Mens d*cks To Protest Against Harassment


Gone are the days when people used to walk in the street or go for hunger strike or any other form of peaceful protest methods to express their views against violence or social issues. In this fast-paced world, there is no time to waste. So it has become an eye for an eye. This hot girl went around in the street to protest against $3xual harassment against girls in the most innovative way.

I don’t think guys would mind such protest again and again as she went around holding and pressing peni$es of 100 men of all age. That’s correct, you read it right and soon you are going to watch it.

You have to give it to the girl to show that courage and go around embarrassing guys though i thought guys really enjoyed it, especially those who don’t have a girlfriend!

She started by pissing a girlfriend by holding and pressing her boyfriend’s bat and balls!


Look at the expression of the guy, she hit the right spot and probably this is his first time!



He is enjoying the living hell out of it with beer. What a combination! Yijaaa! Once more please!


This looks like enjoyment more than protest. Look at the girl, she is really feeling it! Did you check her dress?


Here is the guy who is unmoved, maybe because he is watching the same on his phone!


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