What Exactly Is A Surgical Strike? How Important Was It For India?

A patriotic roar ran through the country when the news about India conducting surgical strikes broke out yesterday. A joint press conference was conducted by the Ministry of defence and the Ministry of External affairs in which DGMO Lt General Ranbir Singh revealed about these strikes.




This was his statement on the surgical strikes.

“India conducted surgical strikes last night across the LoC to safeguard our nation, the Defence Ministry said on Thursday. Significant casualties have been caused to terrorists and those trying to shield them.”

What is a surgical strike?

On hearing the news, the first question that came to most of our minds was, what is a surgical strike? And how is it carried out?




In the military code, a surgical strike is a targeted attack carried out with the intention of inflicting damage on a specific target.

The impetus lies on the fact that the attack should cause minimum collateral damage to the infrastructure of the surrounding areas and the people residing there.

Former air chief Fali Homi Major defined a surgical strike as, “A calculated manoeuvre to ensure you deliver maximum damage which gives a big surprise to your adversary.

He also went on to appreciate the operation carried out by the Indian army yesterday.

Retired Lt General Shankar Prasad shared his insights on a surgical attack with NDTV.

“The ground is very tough. The targets are movable targets. It means carrying out an attack and coming back without any damage to yourself. Every single sepoy is briefed on the sketch. Everyone in the team has a specific responsibility.”

How is a surgical strike carried out?

Typically, these strikes are carried out through air raids. Another way is by airdropping a special operations team near the target or by a ground operation.




A crucial factor while carrying out these strikes is the reliability on external intelligence from the intelligence bureaus or the RAW.

The DGMO did not share any details on how this operation was carried out considering the nature of its confidentiality. However, the contour of LOC suggests a high possibility of an air drop followed by a ground operation.

Precision bombing is also another way to carry out such strikes. However, this tactic is not advisable if the target is scarcely populated. When the population is dense, authorities prefer precision bombing so that fewer casualties are inflicted on their end.

Looking at the border situation and the repeated ceasefire violations by Pakistan, a surgical strike is the best tactic and is rightly used by the authorities. Here is a video explanation to these tactics.