हीरो से बन गया हिरोइन, गौरव नहीं गौरी कहिये मुझे…

टेलीविजन के चर्चित शो स्प्लिट्सविलासीजन 8 में नजर आ चुके गौरव अब एक बार फिर से चर्चा मे आ रहे है. पता चला है की यह छोरा अब छोरी बन गया है. अब आप भी इनको गौरव नहीं गौरी कहिये. लेजर ट्रीटमेंट की सहायता से अब हैंडसम गौरव से ब्यूटीफुल गौरी बन चुके हैं. आइये देखते हैं उनकी  फोटोजं और जानते हैं उनके लड़की बनने का राज…


Girl to Boy


टीवी एक्टर से प्यार हो गया था मुझे…

गौरव ने कहा की स्प्लिट्सविला में गेस्ट बनकर आये एक एक्टर से मुझे प्यार हो गया था। हमने साथ मे बहुत टाइम स्पेंड किया और मुझे पहली बार लड़की की तरह फील करवाने वाला कोई मिला था। पर मुझे जब पता चला की वो मुझे धोका दे रहा है तो मैने उसको और शो को छोड़ दिया साथ ही लड़की बनने का फैसला भी कर लिया…


Boy to Gril


कईं तरह के लेजर ट्रीटमेंट और हेयर रिमूवर्स की सहायता से गौरव ने एक ब्यूटीफुल वुमन की छवि पाई है। जिसके बाद गौरव बेहद खुश है।गौरव ने अपने इस्टाग्राम पेज पर लिखा है “कॉल मी गौरी” और ये पेज उनकी ग्लैमरस लुक वाली फोटोज से भरा पड़ा है। फोटोज मे वो पूरी तरह से बदले हुऐ हैं


फुल लिप्स सर्जरी भी करवाई गौरव ने…

स्प्लिट्सविला 8 मे विनर प्रिस नरूला के कॉम्पिटीटर रहे थे गौरव…

Boy to Girl



काफी लोगों की सराहना तो काफी लोगों की आंख मे खटक सकते हैं अब गौरव…


Boy to Gilr


पर वे अपना सेx चेंज करके बेहद खुश हैं…

Boy to Girl

Ranbir Singh’s Press Conference For India’s Surgical Attacks

After the Uri attacks which claimed 18 lives, there is a lot of tension brewing up between India and Pakistan. Amid this heightened tension, Narendra Modi called a press conference with the Cabinet Committee on Security (CCS) to analyze the condition and hence, take necessary steps.

India carried out surgical attacks aiming the ‘launchpads’ for terrorists across the Line of Control in response to the ceasefire violations happening across the border.

Lt. Gen Ranbir Singh addressed a press conference and put forth the following points, making the agenda clear and letting the people know there was a clear proof of Pakistan’s involvement in the attacks.

Here’s the full transcript of the video:



“This is reflected in the terrorist attacks at Punch and Uri on 11 and 18 September, respectively.”








“The matter has been taken up at the highest diplomatic levels and the military levels at regular times.”

“Furthermore, we had proposed that fingerprints and DNA samples of terrorists who had been killed in the Uri and Poonch encounters can also be made available to Pakistan for their investigations.”
“Despite our persistent urging that Pakistan respects its commitment made in January 2004 not to allow its soil or territory under its control to be used for terrorism against India…”


“The operations aimed at neutralizing the terrorists have since ceased. We do not have any plans for the further continuation of the operations.”


“In line with Pakistan’s commitment made in January 2004 not to allow its soil or territory under its control for any terrorist activities against India, we expect the Pakistan army to cooperate with us with a view to erase this menace of terrorism from our region.”


Here’s the full video:


Are you ready, Pakistan?

OMG! Girlfriend Caught Cheating On Her Boyfriend

In today’s world where relationship is like a chemical bonding. It forms and breaks every time some catalysts are present in the reaction. Our mind always looks for something new. Even if you have the best boyfriend or girlfriend, once you complete exploring them, it is certain that you would move on to some other boy and girl because mind wants to explore something new about the old things.

Here is the darling boy for whom, this hot girl was cheating on her boyfriend!


His girlfriend was not responding to his call or message, so he thought of visiting her house!


Watch the video and unfold the mystery yourself!



WhatsApp Conversation Rahul Gandhi Had After His Shoe Incident Will Make You LOL

What is the worst thing that can happen to you on a Monday? Truck load of e-mails? Bad internet connection? Terrible coffee? All of this put together is still better than getting a shoe thrown at you.

Rahul Gandhi had a horrible Monday thanks to a shoe that was hurled at him by someone who obviously returned home with only one shoe on his feet during a roadshow in Uttar Pradesh.


Yes, that would have been better Rahul. But don’t worry, all of us have bad days.

The politician went on to blame RSS and BJP for the incident and this was his actual statement.

“I was just traveling on a bus and a shoe was thrown at me. It didn’t hit me. I want to tell the BJP and RSS that you can throw as many shoes at me but I am not backing down.”

This incident shook the Gandhi Parivar and Rahul does not seem pleased at all. The politician made the following statement in an interaction with The Chanda Mama Daily.

“The chappal thrown at me was not just any ordinary chappal. It was the one of the finest hand made chappals by Mangu Mochi. And this fact saddens me. I will find out the person who disrespects Mangu ji and will take strict action against him.”


Rahul Gandhi
Image source

This incident took another turn when an ‘insider source’ shared an exclusive image of the conversation between RaGa and his family members. Check them out below.

The solo conversation with Mummyji.

Mammy ji


The group chat.




A really tough Monday for Rahul Baba and we hope he makes it through and gets a sound sleep.

[Discalimer: This article is meant to be taken lightly. If you plan on arresting the author for faking this news, kindly google Zee News for more updates.]

Japanese Artist Singing About Pineapples Is Breaking The Internet And We’ll Tell You Why

A beautiful melody combined with meaningful lyrics and a soulful voice is what goes in the making of a memorable track. But, not always.

Sometimes all you need is a shitty melody combined with senseless lyrics and a dreadful voice. And guess what, it creates wonders.

You want the top-secret formula to create videos that get viral? Here it is.


Easy, right?

When normal people see a pen, they write with it. Or when they see an apple or a pineapple, they eat it.

But when Japanese artist Kazuhiko Kosaka sees all of that, he makes a frikking song out of it. Finally, Japan has an answer to our Baba Sehgal.


This guy looks like the Jethalal from Taarak Mehta and some Japanese girl’s love child.

He created a song titled, “PPAP – Pen Pineapple Apple Pen” and no, neither of us are stoned. You read that right.

This song has already garnered more than 4 million views on YouTube and other Japanese artists are also uploading their versions of it. PPAP is probably the biggest thing on the internet at the moment.

It is a stupidly hilarious video which doesn’t make sense at all. But trust me, once you listen to it, you won’t be able to get that tune out of your system. It’s addictive AF.

If you recall these legends below, you might get a rough context of this video.




Priyanka Chopra Looked Absolutely Smashing At The New York Fashion Week!

Priyanka Chopra deserves every bit of what she’s achieved today. The glamorous actress has got the zeal to rise up higher and higher and has the determination to go beyond any boundaries set for her. She is not only a successful Bollywood actress today but also an international sensation who’s much loved by her fans, all over the world.


The actress is currently shooting for the second season of Quantico in New York and hence, was present for the New York Fashion Week that’s scheduled from September 8th to September 15th.

For the diva that she is, her dazzling look on the streets of New York comes as no surprise to us.

PeeCee looked smashing in her backless ikat print floor length dress as she geared up for Archana Kochchar’s show.

She also looked breathtakingly hot in a nude plunging neckline dress for Thakoon Panichgul’s show.

The Quantico actress also shot for Refinery 29, where she looked absolutely stunning, in her  bold and vivacious avatar.

Piggy Chops was also spotted chilling with the Baby Doll, Sunny Leone, as Sunny was present to walk the ramp for New York Fashion Week. The two looked gorgeous and there was so much love in their picture, that we just can’t get over it.


बॉलीवुड के ये डायरेक्टर्स और प्रोड्यूसर्स शादी और रिलेशनशिप्स के बावजूद भी कहलाते हैं सिंगल !

भले ही सलमान कई एक्ट्रेसेस के साथ रिलेशनशिप में रहे हों, फिर भी कहलाते सिंगल ही हैं। इसीलिए हर वक्त उनकी शादी का जिक्र होता रहता है। खैर, एक्टर-एक्ट्रेसेस को छोड़ अगर हम इंडस्ट्री के कुछ डायरेक्टर और प्रोड्यूसर्स की बात करें तो शादी के बाद तलाक और कई रिलेशनशिप्स में रहने के बावजूद भी वे सिंगल ही कहलाते हैं। इनमें से कुछ ऐसे भी हैं जिनकी दो शादियां हो चुकी हैं।

6 साल पहले डायरेक्टर प्रभुदेवा ने पत्नी रामलता से तलाक लिया था। साउथ इंडियन फिल्मों की मशहूर एक्ट्रेसेस नयनतारा के साथ ये लिव-इन में रहे और फिर ब्रेकअप हुआ। एक्ट्रेसेस सोनाक्षी सिन्हा से नजदीकियों के चर्चे भी रहे।

prabhu deva

फरहान की पहली पत्नी रिया जैन थीं। मशहूर हेयर स्टाइलिस्ट अधुना भबानी से इनका दूसरा तलाक भी चर्चा में रहा। अदिति राव हैदरी से अफेयर ने खूब सुर्खियां बटोरी। फिलहाल ये भी सिंगल हैं।

पहले आरती बजाज और फिर कल्कि कोचलिन के साथ इनकी शादी और तलाक ने सुर्खियां बटोरी। फिलहाल ये अपनी उम्र से 21 साल छोटी शुभ्रा शेट्टी को डेट करने की वजह से चर्चा में आए हैं।

14 साल पहले पत्नी दीप्ति नवल से अलग हो चुके फिल्ममेकर प्रकाश झा तब से अकेले रह रहे हैं।


फिल्ममेकर राम गोपाल वर्मा अरसा पहले रत्ना वर्मा से तलाक ले चुके हैं। इनके अफेयर्स के बारे में सुनने को नहीं मिला, लेकिन अब सिंगल हैं।


[PICS] Mouni Roy Looks Sizzling Hot In This Latest Magazine Photo Shoot!

Mouni Roy is one of the most successful television actresses who is not only famous for her roles in television soaps but also for her hot and sexy body that she dons like a babe every time she makes an appearance on screen or off screen. The stunning actress who has also been a part of Jhalak Dikhlaa Jaa is once again geared up to make men go weak in their knees with her bold and sensuous photo shoot.

Mouni Roy recently shot for a magazine cover and she looked absolutely outstanding. The way she’s donning every pose will make you question the why you haven’t been following this actress yet (if you haven’t been).

The actress uploaded two pictures of her photo shoot on her Instagram account, which is absolutely stalk worthy and they made us swoon.

In one of the pictures, she’s wearing a sporty crop top paired with a workout shorts and is flaunting her belly button like a boss. Have a look. 


And in the other, she’s simply let her tresses fall and has looks that could kill, quite literally. Check it out


We think, she’s totally killed it. Here’s the magazine cover that the star posed for. 



These 5 Bollywood Actresses Chose Fame And Money Over Education!

Sometimes life makes you take some decisions too soon. Sometimes in life, you don’t realize your calling until you’re very old, but lucky are those who get a chance to know it sooner than the rest.



And when you get a chance to taste the sweeter side of fame, you really don’t want to miss it. That’s exactly what happened with these Bollywood actresses who chose to let go off their education only because they found their calling too soon in life.

And if you think Alia Bhatt tops the list, then you’re wrong. Because there are other, more successful and more seasoned actors in the industry who have given up their education for fame.


Surprisingly the list doesn’t include any of our new actresses who we think have gotten the taste of fame too soon. This is a list of all successful actresses who we have loved from the bottom of our hearts and have also taken inspiration from.

Here’s a list of some of the best Bollywood actresses who started their career too soon, only to top the list of the best actresses in the industry.

1.Karishma Kapoor

Karisma Kapoor is one of the first persons in the Kapoor family to give up her education at an early age. Karisma very soon realized her passion for acting and had to pay a pretty big price for it. The stunning actress of the 90’s dropped out of school after the sixth standard and signed her first film when she was only sixteen.

2.Priyanka Chopra

A global icon and a sensation today, PeeCee never got a chance to complete her graduation. The actress wanted to be a criminal psychologist but fortunately or unfortunately got into the showbiz world way too soon.

3.Deepika Padukon

For this superstar, her first love has always been acting. She had enrolled herself in Mount Carmel college in Bangalore and also at IGNOU for a course, but could never complete any of them. She is one of the best-paid actresses of B-town today and we can only imagine the price she had to pay for this.

4.Aishwarya Rai Bachchan

This former Miss World is also a college dropout. She entered Jai Hand to complete her graduation but then switched to another college to pursue architecture, completely unaware of what was coming her way. And now! Here she is.


5.Kareena Kapoor Khan

Kareena studied commerce for two years at Mithibai college after which  she realized she wanted to pursue law and hence went on to study at the Government Law College. However, she moved out after a year only to join the Bollywood bandwagon.

नरगिस फाखरी ने सुर्खियों में बने रहने के लिए सोशल मीडिया पर पोस्ट की अभद्र तस्वीरें

नरगिस फाखरी ने सोशल मीडिया पर की सारी हदें पार