Akshay Kumar Just Ended Every Debate About India And Pakistan

Akshay Kumar’s love for his country is not a hidden affair. He wears his patriotism on his sleeve and does his bit to help the army.

People may argue about the quality of his socially relevant films but little doubt remains about his noble intentions for the Indian army.



As the world of social media and TV news continues to debate and argue over what’s right and what’s wrong, Akshay Kumar has come to the forefront to stop everyone from fighting among ourselves and to focus on the need of the hour: the future of families of martyrs.


n our quest to separate right from wrong, we may have gotten distracted from giving attention to the families of the martyrs.

Here, listen to him speak. Maybe it’ll unite all of us.

Thank you for saying this, Akshay Kumar. Thank you for saying this.

Author: Viral India

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